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  Dedication to Jack Johnson
Price: $ 0.35

Release Date: 02/25/2013
Options Title Price
Roll Up ft T-Staxx $ 0.35

Price: $ 0.50

Release Date: 03/06/2013
About The Album:
More to come! Check me out @theofficialbgb

Options Title Price
Focused ft. Case Lyrics $ 1.99

Price: $ 0.25

Release Date: 03/01/2013
About The Album:
New single by B-RAD ft. Colb DeLion and OG

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Hotter than a mug ft Colb DeLion & OG $ 1.99

Price: $ 0.78

Release Date: 03/15/2013
About The Album:
Donations to a new studio. Check out this other stuff for the fans! Thank you! @theofficialbgb @fadedndayton

Options Title Price
Whippin w B-RAD & Lil-Dizzy Lyrics Free
Focused w B-RAD & Case Free
Why u mad by B-RAD, Colb DeLion, & OG Free

  Mixtape 1
Price: $ 2.00

Release Date: 08/27/2012
About The Album:
#1 Mixtape

Options Title Price
Make it $ 0.25
California Dreamin' Ft. Dolla Da Prez $ 0.25
Cooler than you $ 0.25
Party in the D Ft. Dolla Da Prez $ 0.25
Another Day $ 0.99
Don't Wake Me Up Ft. T-Staxx, Case $ 0.25
Outside $ 0.25
Double Dippin' Ft. Colb DeLion $ 0.25
Payphone Ft. Lil Dizzy $ 0.25
One Night Stand $ 0.99
Lovely Day $ 0.25

  Mixtape 2
Price: $ 2.00

Release Date: 01/17/2013
About The Album:
#2 Mixtape

Options Title Price
Good Times Ft. Case $ 0.25
Disastrous $ 0.25
Feelin $ 0.25
heavy smiles ft. Dolla Da Prez $ 0.25
High Maintenance $ 0.25
Hold You Down $ 0.25
My Day $ 0.25
Rising son $ 0.25
Pass the Blunt $ 0.25
Wanna be rich (freestyle) $ 0.25
Why you mad? $ 0.25

Band Image:
Band Members:
Brett (Lil-Dizzy) - Visit Site
Dolla (Dolla Da Prez) - Visit Site
DJ Rellek (@Rellekbeats) - Visit Site
Band Info:
Date Band Formed: 06/28/2006
Biography: Been recording for a lil over 10 years now looking to sign to the right label #Trukfit4life #younggods #youngmoney. I am developing my sound to the point where I am confident in my abilities as an artist so developing, done 2 shows so far and bout that life and having a better studio would help in Florida. I look great next to franklin and I will do great things in this world for others if I can achieve the things I wish so buy my music. More will be coming soon! I live in the studio! E-Mail: BUY NOW! Check out my bro @br3tt84 Also at For Videos : Let us know what u like more videos coming soon! @theofficialbgb Young Gods @Rellekbeats

Manager Nicholas Poe: @fadedndayton

This artist has no upcoming gigs.
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